The self-service area is used to provide useful information and files to your users that they can find and search themselves.


The self-service area can be split into different sections, called types, and each type is customisable. This allows you, for example, to set up a knowledgebase, a blog or a downloads section, depending on what you require.


To keep the self-service types organised for you and your users, articles can be grouped into one or more categories. You can manage the categories belonging to a given self-service type by visiting Self-Service -> [Type] -> Categories.


An article or post is a single piece of information that is useful to your users. All articles belong to one or more categories and a single self-service type.


Articles can be assigned tags, used as another way of categorising content. Tags can be managed at Self-Service -> Tags, but also can be created when adding or updating articles.


The comments system allows your users to comment on all self-service articles and reply to other users. All comments, regardless of where they have been made, can be managed in a single interface within the operator panel, located at Self-Service -> Comments.