Release Details

Release Date 1st May 2024
Release Type Stable - Minor

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#3316 Translate reply in Google Translate plugin
Feature helpdesk#2879 Ability to manage tables in the text editor
Feature helpdesk#2503 Add email verification for new operator accounts so they can set their own password
Improvement helpdesk#3325 Rotate log files log rotate in docker monolithic
Improvement helpdesk#3324 Add reset password button when managing operator accounts
Improvement helpdesk#3323 Automatically login user/operator after resetting password
Improvement helpdesk#3320 Validate user email address domain DNS on user registration
Improvement helpdesk#3319 Change Twitter branding to X
Improvement helpdesk#3312 Match tickets with no due time when using no date on due time filter/macro condition
Improvement helpdesk#3311 Add email channel setting to reject duplicate emails being imported
Improvement helpdesk#3310 Subaddress department emails should take priority in e-mail import
Improvement helpdesk#3303 Option to send verification email to user when managing user using API endpoint
Improvement helpdesk#3302 Show notice when outside WhatsApp 24 hour reply window
Improvement helpdesk#3296 Prevent auto response from being sent to no-reply addresses
Improvement helpdesk#3295 Handle unable to add user to organisation errors more gracefully
Improvement helpdesk#3289 Run TicketCustomFieldUpdated event when custom field first set
Improvement helpdesk#3279 Improve SMTP logging
Improvement helpdesk#3278 Validate email addresses when forwarding a ticket
Improvement helpdesk#3275 Allow up to 1600 characters for WhatsApp messages
Improvement helpdesk#3271 Add 'registered' column to user grid to show which users have a password set
Improvement helpdesk#3269 Upgrade tinymce to v6
Improvement helpdesk#3023 Stick editor toolbar to top of screen when scrolling
Improvement helpdesk#2834 Handle pasting Word documents into editor
Bug helpdesk#3322 Schedule holiday for a specific year still checked in following years
Bug helpdesk#3321 Due time not set when user replies to a closed ticket
Bug helpdesk#3318 Fatal error when invalid character entered in system URL
Bug helpdesk#3317 Don't allow default add-ons to be uninstalled
Bug helpdesk#3313 Headers missing from emails sent out via PHP mail()
Bug helpdesk#3259 Follow up date/time gets impacted by daylight savings
Bug helpdesk#3219 System update needs non-installation related files to be owned by web server user
Bug helpdesk#2014 Macro schedules don't account for holidays
Bug helpdesk#1770 Deleting a comment shouldn't delete children