2.0.0 Beta 2

Release Details

Release Date 18th March 2016
Release Type Beta

Important Notes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-253 Implemented JS localisation in template.
Feature DEV-254 Implemented JS routes in template.
Feature DEV-263 HipChat notifications plugin - version 1.0.
Feature DEV-266 Added documentation links to operator panel pages.
Feature DEV-307 Added option to change sending (from) address in ticket view.
Feature DEV-315 Added upgrade option to installer.
Feature DEV-316 Operator template is now responsive.
Feature DEV-360 Slack notifications plugin - version 1.0.
Improvement DEV-273 Added option to delete uploaded attachments in mass reply.
Improvement DEV-290 JS validation on message field in ticket view.
Improvement DEV-291 Added a calendar icon to date fields.
Improvement DEV-293 IP bans now checked on each request.
Improvement DEV-294 Deleting an IP ban now resets the failed login count.
Improvement DEV-297 Removed the need for some commonly disabled functions.
Improvement DEV-302 Added user groups to user grid.
Improvement DEV-303 Improved the add user to group option on the edit group page.
Improvement DEV-306 Deleting users and operators no longer remove their ticket messages.
Improvement DEV-314 User organisation can be entered as a string on the user edit API.
Improvement DEV-320 Added feedback to the ticket quick action buttons.
Improvement DEV-323 Added channel of each message to ticket view.
Improvement DEV-325 Utilising the email queue for all outgoing email.
Improvement DEV-332 No longer adds replies to locked tickets.
Improvement DEV-333 MethodNotAllowed exceptions handled more gracefully.
Improvement DEV-346 Uninstall plugin option now shows a warning beforehand.
Improvement DEV-347 Email templates are validated before being saved.
Improvement DEV-350 Emails in queue are attempted to be sent 5 times before being deleted.
Improvement DEV-356 Improved loading time on user grid.
Improvement DEV-361 Added subject to the log when deleting a ticket.
Improvement DEV-362 Unread tickets now stand out more on the ticket grid.
Improvement DEV-365 Ticket grid ordering sorts by last reply by default.
Improvement DEV-377 Memorises the number of rows chosen in grids for the future.
Improvement DEV-380 Added utility pages to the role permission options.
Improvement DEV-391 Tickets notes are now more visible in emails.
Bug DEV-278 Global email header shows above the reply above line in ticket emails.
Bug DEV-285 Scheduled tasks getting stuck on PHP errors.
Bug DEV-296 Show more button lost when changing comments order.
Bug DEV-298 Fatal exception when clicking the settings link.
Bug DEV-299 Editing self-service type requires icon when one is already present.
Bug DEV-300 Possible to have empty organisations in some situations.
Bug DEV-301 Waiting for your reply email doesn't contain reply above line.
Bug DEV-305 Emptying template cache doesn't remove Twig cache
Bug DEV-308 The seed value for comment moderation is incorrect.
Bug DEV-311 User fields missing from some ticket emails.
Bug DEV-312 Branding still shows with a branding free license.
Bug DEV-313 Adding user via API doesn't set them as organisation owner.
Bug DEV-317 Ticket throttling not working.
Bug DEV-324 The to email address is incorrect on internal tickets.
Bug DEV-326 Emails being sent on tickets from channels where it is not needed.
Bug DEV-329 Adding a note or reply by a macro doesn't show until you refresh.
Bug DEV-330 Template error when you try to add an escalation rule with no valid value.
Bug DEV-331 Email already exists error when trying to update user or operator.
Bug DEV-334 Empty comments block when no comments exist and comments can only be written by logged in users.
Bug DEV-336 Article visibility incorrect when parent category is hidden.
Bug DEV-339 Redactor tables lose their style when saved.
Bug DEV-341 All email notifications are always checked even when trying to disable some options.
Bug DEV-342 JS validation error when trying to update your operator account password.
Bug DEV-343 User fields missing on internal messages email.
Bug DEV-348 Spam rules are ignored when importing emails.
Bug DEV-351 Avatar truncated error in some browsers when too big.
Bug DEV-358 Operator search returns multiple results for same ticket.
Bug DEV-363 The tickets fetched do not match the number for some of the system overview links.
Bug DEV-368 Canned responses incorrectly showing as not public.
Bug DEV-369 Ordering by organisation member count is incorrect.
Bug DEV-370 Clicking view all in search shows it in the search box.
Bug DEV-371 Unable to change the organisation a user is in to another.
Bug DEV-372 Wrong URL is used when sending emails via the cron.
Bug DEV-374 Redirect loops in some situations when using HTTPS.
Bug DEV-375 Unable to order by organisation in user grid.
Bug DEV-378 Merge tickets log event missing the ticket numbers.
Bug DEV-381 Improper handling when a user doesn't have a first or last name.
Bug DEV-379 Go back to grid option shows all tickets, not just those that are active.
Bug DEV-385 Subdepartments showing on frontend in some situations.
Bug DEV-389 User ticket grid is missing ticket action buttons.