Release Details

Release Date 16th April 2021
Release Type Stable - Minor

Important Notes

Minimum PHP Version

The minimum PHP version has increased to 7.2.5. We recommend PHP 7.3 or above as PHP 7.2 is now EOL.

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature helpdesk#2556 Added a database backup command.
Feature helpdesk#2494 Added RFC-2231 support to email parser.
Feature helpdesk#2445 Enabled MySQL strict mode for existing installs.
Feature helpdesk#2390 Added automatic clean up of unlinked file uploads.
Feature helpdesk#2345 Added Spanish translation.
Improvement helpdesk#2601 Now only use brand email template data if multiple brands exist in the system.
Improvement helpdesk#2585 Improved message clipping on large messages.
Improvement helpdesk#2576 Disabled reply polling on tickets when window/tab is not active.
Improvement helpdesk#2584 Deferred loading of other operator drafts to reply polling for better performance.
Improvement helpdesk#2575 Queued AJAX message loading for better performance.
Improvement helpdesk#2563 Added direct link to tweets in ticket view.
Improvement helpdesk#2562 Other sessions are now invalidated when changing password or activating 2FA.
Improvement helpdesk#2559 Only run notification polling in active window/tab.
Improvement helpdesk#2557 Improved query logging/debugging functionality.
Improvement helpdesk#2551 Translated dynamic content in activity log is now shown in user's language.
Improvement helpdesk#2550 Users can now update feedback posted until the expiry date.
Improvement helpdesk#2540 Session cookie now uses SameSite=Lax.
Improvement helpdesk#2536 Forwarding a ticket will now always use descending reply order.
Improvement helpdesk#2534 Completed to-do widget items are now hidden automatically.
Improvement helpdesk#2529 License validation has improved to check in advance of the local license expiring.
Improvement helpdesk#2526 License server connection timeout is now configurable.
Improvement helpdesk#2521 Merge tickets list now always selects oldest ticket by default to merge in to.
Improvement helpdesk#2508 Improved calculation in first response time by operator report.
Improvement helpdesk#2501 Changed frontend article search to use GET instead of POST.
Improvement helpdesk#2485 Added ability to use organisation custom field options in merge fields.
Improvement helpdesk#2483 Now returning HTTP 500 response on requirement errors.
Improvement helpdesk#2478 Updated conflicting text editor shortcuts on MacOS.
Improvement helpdesk#2472 Attribute names in validation messages are now translated.
Improvement helpdesk#2471 Improved activity log messages which had untranslatable words or phrases.
Improvement helpdesk#2470 Added frontend and operator URLs to ticket API responses.
Improvement helpdesk#2468 Improved UX of translation validation error messages.
Improvement helpdesk#2464 Improved form file upload error message.
Improvement helpdesk#2384 The SLA plan is now kept on ticket after closing and a due time is set again when reopening.
Improvement helpdesk#2348 Added language dropdown in pre-installation check page.
Bug helpdesk#2605 Fixed print background being gray on some pages in FireFox.
Bug helpdesk#2600 Fixed issue with RSS feed when multiple brands have the same type name.
Bug helpdesk#2593 Fixed invalid datetime value error when inserting license key in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2590 Fixed being unable to use ticket tag is none as a condition in a hook macro.
Bug helpdesk#2587 Fixed Twitter avatars not being imported for new tweets.
Bug helpdesk#2583 Removed list-* headers from auto-reply detection.
Bug helpdesk#2574 Fixed departments list being tough to read with certain brand colours on the frontend.
Bug helpdesk#2573 Fixed error parsing email replying to a ticket that has been merged and now trashed.
Bug helpdesk#2570 Fixed PHP error when adding operator group role with plugin permissions in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2569 Fixed merging a ticket in to another losing watching operators.
Bug helpdesk#2567 Fixed translation from multilingual forms showing even if language is disabled.
Bug helpdesk#2565 Fixed Microsoft oAuth token expiring after 90 days.
Bug helpdesk#2564 Fixed attachment download belonging to multiple tickets potentially fetching wrong linked ticket.
Bug helpdesk#2560 Fixed ticket number generation not considering trashed tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2558 Fixed upload record filename uniqueness check being slow on large tables.
Bug helpdesk#2546 Fixed chance of infinite loop in installer step 6.
Bug helpdesk#2545 Fixed new add-ons not having version set as null in database.
Bug helpdesk#2544 Fixed PHP error on related article search with null subject.
Bug helpdesk#2542 Fixed being unable to use user merge fields in mass emails when sending to individual email addresses.
Bug helpdesk#2539 Fixed chance of scheduled tasks overlapping.
Bug helpdesk#2537 Fixed being unable to delete follow up that paused due time when SLA plan no longer set on ticket.
Bug helpdesk#2530 Fixed line feed breaking reply line clipping in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2525 Fixed cursor jumps in text editor after certain content.
Bug helpdesk#2523 Fixed imap_search failure messages not available in some cases.
Bug helpdesk#2522 Fixed PHP error on CLI install when posix_getpwuid returns false.
Bug helpdesk#2517 Fixed duplicate Facebook/Twitter users created on MySQL 8.0.22.
Bug helpdesk#2516 Fixed email parser failing to decode some base64-encoded emails.
Bug helpdesk#2514 Removed truncation from user email address.
Bug helpdesk#2513 Fixed 'data too long for column' error when inserting many CC or operators assigned in log entries.
Bug helpdesk#2512 Fixed 'data too long for column' error in some situations.
Bug helpdesk#2511 Fixed popup disappearing when trying to merge multiple tickets in FireFox.
Bug helpdesk#2509 Fixed API incorrectly returning strings instead of integers when libmysqlclient used.
Bug helpdesk#2507 Fixed updating articles over the API incorrectly removing assigned tags.
Bug helpdesk#2506 Fixed operator panel and API routes returning 500 error when database is unavailable.
Bug helpdesk#2504 Fixed phpinfo iframe not expanding to content width in some scenarios.
Bug helpdesk#2502 Fixed being unable to save web channel settings when self-service module disabled.
Bug helpdesk#2500 Fixed incorrect self-service type in URL when search picks up results from multiple types.
Bug helpdesk#2499 Fixed being unable to set an SLA plan with night shift schedules.
Bug helpdesk#2496 Fixed being unable to view newly created custom widgets.
Bug helpdesk#2495 Fixed submit form button placement wrong on some pages.
Bug helpdesk#2491 Fixed unable to save change email method when SMTP data is invalid.
Bug helpdesk#2489 Fixed email parser incorrectly parsing multi value ID headers.
Bug helpdesk#2487 Fixed being unable to submit brand form after updating global email footer.
Bug helpdesk#2486 Fixed UTF-8 characters break auto parsing links in the text editor.
Bug helpdesk#2484 Fixed PHP error when upgrading to 3.3.0+ from versions < 2.5.0.
Bug helpdesk#2479 Fixed pressing CMD on MacOS inside a list incorrectly causes out-dent.
Bug helpdesk#2477 Fixed text editor cursor jumping on iOS devices.
Bug helpdesk#2476 Fixed being unable to toggle sidebar on devices of width 1024px.
Bug helpdesk#2475 Fixed sidebar toggle button showing incomplete on iOS devices.
Bug helpdesk#2474 Fixed 'default_ticket_filter' column has wrong type.
Bug helpdesk#2469 Fixed exception when inserting data longer than defined column length.
Bug helpdesk#2456 Fixed Twitter 'in_reply_to_status_id' not being validated.
Bug helpdesk#2438 Fixed merging a ticket in to another loses linked tickets.
Bug helpdesk#2407 Fixed search links redirecting when trying to open in new tab.
Bug helpdesk#2160 Fixed several strings hardcoded in English.
Bug helpdesk#1474 Fixed operators showing on internal tickets if their ticket notifications are disabled.