2.1.0 Beta

Release Details

Release Date 7th December 2016
Release Type Beta

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.1 from 2.0 for important changes in this release.

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-410 Context-specific ticket signatures for operators.
Feature DEV-450 Set a default ticket filter for the "Manage Tickets" link.
Feature DEV-685 Support multiple brands in a single help desk installation.
Feature DEV-836 Custom fields for organisations.
Feature DEV-882 A default reply option status that is used on any user replies after the ticket is opened.
Feature DEV-954 Option to select a colour for ticket tags.
Feature DEV-1013 Tickets opened by organisations report.
Feature DEV-1108 Assign operator groups to departments.
Feature DEV-1159 Ability to connect to different HipChat/Slack rooms/channels based on ticket brand.
Feature DEV-1169 Options to export and print data from reports.
Improvement DEV-680 Updated database charset to utf8mb4.
Improvement DEV-756 The ticket grid sidebar now updates every minute and on any action.
Improvement DEV-786 Added support for PHP 7.
Improvement DEV-815 Added option to only reply to ticket user and not CC'ed addresses.
Improvement DEV-850 Close buttons now redirect back to the grid.
Improvement DEV-871 Added polling on frontend ticket view.
Improvement DEV-891 Improved system requirements for IPv6 and sockets.
Improvement DEV-915 Improved JS for actions to ticket messages such as editing and quoting.
Improvement DEV-901 Improved WHMCS plugin with several new features and options.
Improvement DEV-936 Added option to jump to reply section when scrolling a ticket's messages.
Improvement DEV-946 Can now view a user even if the edit user permission is unticked.
Improvement DEV-956 Added Iconv as a required PHP extension.
Improvement DEV-967 Added recent filters, tickets and users to the header navigation.
Improvement DEV-969 Made it more clear when posting a ticket reply or note.
Improvement DEV-970 Now uses last grid URL when redirecting back to grid.
Improvement DEV-971 Now trim the URL in HipChat/Slack Notifications plugin.
Improvement DEV-976 Adjusted the default email options for new departments.
Improvement DEV-977 Replying to a closed ticket now uses the ticket reply email template if the closed by operator email template is disabled.
Improvement DEV-985 Now shows the from, to and cc email addresses for imported email messages.
Improvement DEV-1007 Redactor now allows use of anchors.
Improvement DEV-1035 Now shows a simple maintenance page if the help desk is installed and database is unreachable.
Improvement DEV-1049 Added related self-service articles to the API.
Improvement DEV-1066 Links are now only shrunk in Redactor if above 255 characters.
Improvement DEV-1068 Added option to pre-select a user in the open new ticket page.
Improvement DEV-1071 Added a consume all option for email piping.
Improvement DEV-1077 Added ticket token as a merge field.
Improvement DEV-1081 Can now add functions and properties to the mailer twig security policy.
Improvement DEV-1100 Added user conditions to tickets-based reports filtering.
Improvement DEV-1123 Added option to move storage/logs directory.
Improvement DEV-1125 The canned response search box is now auto-focused when opened.
Improvement DEV-1126 Removed many cases of concatenated translation strings.
Improvement DEV-1132 Disabled row ordering when filtering a table.
Improvement DEV-1146 Making more use of the codemirror code view in Redactor throughout the application.
Improvement DEV-1167 Now logs if the status on ticket is updated on user reply.
Bug DEV-607 Can't insert merge fields in to the code editor view of redactor.
Bug DEV-650 Searching for a user on the open new ticket page can be slow.
Bug DEV-743 Preview button in email templates changes button text for all textareas.
Bug DEV-888 Special characters in report charts show as html entities.
Bug DEV-908 Exceptions in the cron render as HTML.
Bug DEV-931 Doesn't check if back URL is valid after logging in.
Bug DEV-935 Operator groups settings are not manageable when user groups permission is unticked.
Bug DEV-948 Can search for users and tickets when relevant permission doesn't exist.
Bug DEV-953 Multiple body parts in imported email defaults to text/plain.
Bug DEV-959 Inline file attachments is sometimes ignored by the email parser.
Bug DEV-965 Canned response search not working with MySQL 5.6+.
Bug DEV-973 Unable to save a draft message with the tickets API.
Bug DEV-989 Twitter messages expanding and displaying incorrectly in some cases.
Bug DEV-1017 Ticket notifications are shown for departments you don't belong to and tickets you aren't assigned to.
Bug DEV-1024 Unable to upgrade when 2FA is enabled.
Bug DEV-1025 Custom admin folder name not supported in upgrader.
Bug DEV-1026 Take account of pretty URLs setting when generating links used in emails.
Bug DEV-1029 Unable to clear a password from ticket custom field.
Bug DEV-1030 Redactor should not be auto-focused in some situations.
Bug DEV-1031 Unable to update model on modal pre-event.
Bug DEV-1033 Locked custom fields are required.
Bug DEV-1038 Drafting a note shows as 'drafting a reply' to other operators.
Bug DEV-1040 Unable to use user organisation in automatic macro.
Bug DEV-1050 Issue with sidebar badges on the ticket grid page if the names are too long.
Bug DEV-1053 Custom field values are sometimes truncated.
Bug DEV-1054 Updating department and then assigning operator via automatic macro checks old department assignment.
Bug DEV-1061 Operator name sometimes loses a character in also viewing text.
Bug DEV-1063 Unable to create numeric tags.
Bug DEV-1064 Case sensitivity on ticket tags results in SQL Exception.
Bug DEV-1089 Sometimes long passwords are truncated by database.
Bug DEV-1094 Can't empty the default assigned operators for a department.
Bug DEV-1101 Child department ignoring parent email template in some situations.
Bug DEV-1122 Storage path hard-coded in system requirements.
Bug DEV-1124 All operators still emailed despite default assigned on a new ticket.
Bug DEV-1128 Ticket message content hidden in some circumstances.
Bug DEV-1131 Deleting an SLA plan will delete any tickets that use that SLA plan currently.
Bug DEV-1137 Unable to search more than one word when clicking show all results in operator search.
Bug DEV-1150 Character encoding issue with clipping ticket replies via email.
Bug DEV-1151 Closing ticket doesn't clear SLA plan escalations in some situations.
Bug DEV-1156 Send email options on storing ticket message via API cannot be changed.
Bug DEV-1161 Filtering tickets on user edit page loses user context.
Bug DEV-1183 Validating the frontend logo can be troublesome when using a relative path.
Bug DEV-1192 Attachments don't work when using 'Send Email' on user page.