Session Configuration

The session.php file contains settings related to user and operator sessions. This document provides a list of configuration items available in the file, allowing you to modify them as necessary.


Session Store

Available Session Stores


If you would like to store session data in Redis, please follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure your PHP configuration doesn't have any disable_functions listed. You can check this via Utilities > PHP Information within the operator panel, but please also ensure your PHP CLI (cron) configuration also has the same setup.
  2. Add your Redis connection information to /config/production/database.php (don't edit your MySQL configuration). To ensure a separate Redis database is created for sessions, please ensure the database parameter in the 'session' array is unique:
                <?php return array (
                  'connections' =>
                  array (
                    'mysql' =>
                    array (
                  'redis' => [
                      'client' => 'predis',
                      'default' => [
                          'host'     => '',
                          'port'     => 6379,
                          'database' => 0,
                      'session' => [
                          'host'     => '',
                          'port'     => 6379,
                          'database' => 1,
  3. Create or update /config/production/session.php
                <?php return [ 'driver' => 'redis', 'connection' => 'session', ];

Configuration Items

For details on how to set the below configuration items, please create a /config/production/session.php file and read: Updating Config Files.

Name Description Valid Value(s)

By default operators can be logged in on multiple devices at once, however you may want to let them only use one device at a time, logging them out of others immediately. If so, set this value to true.