Users are able to provide feedback on tickets, which can be used to measure customer satisfaction, provided feedback forms have been set-up. Visiting Tickets -> Feedback will show an overall overview of feedback with options to filter down and view individual feedback in more depth.



The feedback page has an overall view of feedback posted (and not posted) by users from since you installed the help desk. The metrics shown are:

It's possible to also check the metrics over certain dates, by entering a date for the start and/or end date. The results will update automatically shortly after the date has been entered.

Viewing and Updating Individual Feedback

Below the overview metrics, there are three tabs that split up the feedback forms sent to users:

  1. Received - Feedback was received by a user on the given ticket.
    • It will say if the rating received on the ticket was good or bad.
    • If there are fields on the feedback form and the user answered these, a "View Feedback" button will be available to see these answers.
  2. Unanswered - A feedback form was sent but was or has not yet been answered by the user. Includes expired feedback forms and those still valid.
    • It will show the expiry time of the feedback form.
    • If it has not expired yet, there will be an option to expire the feedback form immediately, so the user can no longer provide their feedback on the ticket.
  3. In Queue - Feedback forms that are going to be sent out soon, typically a record is added to this table when a ticket has been marked as resolved.
    • It will show the time after which the feedback form will be sent to the user (the exact time depends on the scheduled task running).
    • There will be the option to send the feedback form immediately or remove the feedback form from the queue.

Searching for Feedback

Table Sorting

Each feedback form grid in the tabs allows sorting column by clicking the up/down arrows: