2.0.0 RC 1

Release Details

Release Date 21st April 2016
Release Type Release Candidate

Important Notes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-481 Email template previews and editor improvements.
Improvement DEV-277 Improved htaccess rules to hide application files.
Improvement DEV-401 Removes dependency on Apache mod_rewrite.
Improvement DEV-448 Now tries to handle inline images in incoming emails as inline HTML instead of attachments.
Improvement DEV-471 API - Added option to email operators on adding a reply.
Improvement DEV-476 Remove operators assigned to tickets when removing them from a department.
Improvement DEV-482 API - Added profile fields to organisation add and update.
Improvement DEV-484 Added an alert box when deleting a ticket and blocking its user.
Improvement DEV-501 Adding self-service link option on open new ticket page in operator panel.
Bug DEV-460 Editing a user ticket message adds their IP address again at the end.
Bug DEV-463 Haven't handled a possible exception when handling downloaded email.
Bug DEV-464 Unable to update custom fields on existing tickets in the frontend.
Bug DEV-466 The 'hours since' filter options were not working as intended.
Bug DEV-470 Incorrect log message saved on replies in API channel tickets.
Bug DEV-472 Closing ticket in API always assumes operator closed it.
Bug DEV-473 Email template dropdown incorrect on send user email page.
Bug DEV-475 Unable to update a ticket's department when an operator is assigned in some situations.
Bug DEV-478 Problems searching for operators when trying to assign an operator to a ticket.
Bug DEV-479 Unable to add canned responses to ticket replies.
Bug DEV-480 Sometimes doesn't accept attachments on email replies.
Bug DEV-483 New languages sometimes do not load when adding to the languages directory.
Bug DEV-486 Issue with saving times when using a 24-hour time format with AM/PM.
Bug DEV-492 Closing ticket via grid and reply options doesn't clear the due time.
Bug DEV-495 Unable to submit a ticket when another department has a required custom field.
Bug DEV-496 Haven't handled a possible exception when a ticket message may fail to be added to a ticket.
Bug DEV-498 Waiting for response email is not sent on some departments.
Bug DEV-499 Unable to use user organisation name filtering option in ticket filters.
Bug DEV-502 Haven't handled a possible exception when a file upload fails.
Bug DEV-503 Error when an SLA plan reply or resolve time does not exist for a ticket priority.
Bug DEV-504 Unable to set avatar when registering a user account.
Bug DEV-505 Internal operator messages notifies the wrong user under certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-506 Inaccurate data displayed in user feedback report.