Email Channel

The email channel is used to handle all incoming emails in to new tickets and replies.


Setting Name Description
Default Priority The priority that is set on all new tickets opened by email. This is set to 'Low' by default on a new installation.
Prioritise Reply-To If you accept emails from automated systems that use a 'Reply-To' email header, you can use that email header to decide the user on a new ticket instead of the 'From' email header that is normally used. Also used to store CC email addresses on ticket replies.
Enable Sub-addresses This will create a unique sub-address for each ticket that is set as the Reply-To address on all outgoing email. Enabling this will allow you to remove the ticket number from the subject of email templates. Feature dependent on email server subaddress support, see Sub-Address Configuration below.
Verbose Email Log Logs email collection in-depth on file, useful for debugging. It is enabled by default, and is recommended to keep enabled in case it is required for troubleshooting. The system will only store five days worth of logs, and any older logs are automatically deleted.

Sub-Address Configuration

Sub Address Delimiter

By default, SupportPal uses '+' as the sub-address delimiter, for example: [email protected]. It is possible to change the delimiter by setting the 'sub_address_delimiter' configuration option in a /config/production/email.php file, for more details please read: Updating Config Files.

Email Server Configuration

Below we outline how to configure sub-address support on various system environments, please read the appropriate section for your server.


Sub-address support was only implemented in cPanel 58. After enabling sub-addresses in SupportPal, please perform the below steps for each of your department e-mail addresses:

  1. Go to Global Email Filters under the Email section.
  2. Click on 'Create a New Filter' and give the filter a name.
  3. Under Rules, add an entry for each email address you have, setting the first dropdown to 'To', second dropdown to 'matches regex' and enter 'email\[email protected]' in the text box where you replace 'email' and '' with what's relevant for your email address, the example is for [email protected]. Additional entries can be added by clicking the + on the right hand side, and the email addresses can be in any order.
  4. Under Actions, select 'Pipe to a Program' in the dropdown and enter the path to your pipe file, e.g. '/home/domain/public_html/support/pipe'.
  5. Ensure your pipe file is set to CHMOD 755.