Ticket Tags

Ticket tags can be used as another way of grouping together similar and related tickets. Multiple tags can be applied to a ticket.


Searching for Tags

Filtering the table

It's possible to filter tags based on their name:

  1. Visit Settings -> Tickets -> Tags and click "Filter Results".
  2. Search terms:
    1. Name - It is possible to search for partial names. For example, you could find "Reseller" by searching for "rese" or "elle".
  3. The table will be filtered automatically as you enter search terms.

Creating or Updating a Tag

To create a new tag, or update an existing tag, please follow the following steps.

  1. Visit Settings -> Tickets -> Tags. If you're creating a new tag click "Add Tag", or if you're updating an existing tag, find the tag and click the edit (pencil) icon on the right side of the table row.
  2. Complete the input fields:
    1. Name - The name of the tag, it should be unique and not the same as any existing tags.
    2. Colour - You can give a colour to the tag, which will be used in the ticket view and grid to make the difference between tags more obvious.
  3. Click the "Submit" button.

Deleting a Tag

Deleting a tag is an irreversible action. When deleting a tag, it will be removed from any tickets that is currently associated with.

To delete a tag, follow the below steps:

  1. Visit Settings -> Tickets -> Tags.
  2. Search for the tag you wish to delete (see Searching for Tags).
  3. Click the delete (cross) icon located on the right of the table.
  4. Click on the left button, "Yes, Delete Tag", that pops up confirming you would like to delete this tag and it will now be deleted.