The ticket module lets your customers open requests that your staff can reply to and eventually close once it has been resolved. Also review and make use of feedback provided by users on tickets.

Managing Tickets

Tickets can be managed individually or in bulk on the ticket grid. Visiting Tickets -> Manage Tickets will show all currently non-resolved tickets by default, but there are further filtering options available in the sidebar and on the grid itself.

Viewing Ticket

The ticket view provides a lot of information and available actions along with the option to view and reply to user messages.

Open New Ticket

You can open tickets from the operator panel, either on behalf of a user or an internal ticket (consider as an internal request).


Users are able to provide feedback on tickets, which can be used to measure customer satisfaction, provided feedback forms have been set-up. Visiting Tickets -> Feedback will show an overall overview of feedback with options to filter down and view individual feedback in more depth.


The trash view holds all tickets that have been deleted and allows them to be restored or permanently deleted. By default tickets that have been in the trash for longer than 30 days are automatically permanently deleted.

Email Commands

Email commands provide operators with a way to modify ticket information when replying to tickets via email.