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Release Date 18th July 2016
Release Type Stable - Minor

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Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-327 Option to filter by ticket channel account.
Feature DEV-462 Settings to change when IPs are banned due to failed logins.
Feature DEV-494 Permissions for managing plugins and viewing widgets.
Feature DEV-509 Added an email history for users in the frontend.
Feature DEV-626 Additional ticket actions - send email to user/operator group and unassign operator from ticket.
Improvement DEV-446 Can now clear the due time on a ticket.
Improvement DEV-449 Added ticket signature as default value for add reply action.
Improvement DEV-508 Improved validation for ticket and user custom fields.
Improvement DEV-510 Replying to pre-merge ticket numbers will now add the reply to the merged ticket.
Improvement DEV-526 Improved system requirements checking and interface.
Improvement DEV-570 Added option to include organisation as a column in the ticket grid.
Improvement DEV-572 Added 'user' column to the frontend ticket grid when part of an organisation.
Improvement DEV-576 Added support for Datatables languages.
Improvement DEV-579 Added browser/desktop notification for private messages.
Improvement DEV-588 Session expired page now asks you to click to login again instead of immediately showing login form.
Improvement DEV-590 Improved visibility of notice of other operators also viewing ticket.
Improvement DEV-610 Moved redactor default options out of the minified JS file to allow customisation.
Improvement DEV-612 Now allow operators to view internal tickets they opened in departments they are not assigned to.
Improvement DEV-619 Added event to distinguish where a failed login happened and only ban when the number of failed logins of those events are reached.
Improvement DEV-627 Made the 404 page not found view for operators more obvious.
Improvement DEV-630 Now shows operator name when hovering over avatar in ticket grid.
Improvement DEV-632 Stored the ticket actions and filtering conditions in the language files.
Improvement DEV-635 Enabled the verbose email log by default.
Improvement DEV-636 Improved the error shown when using an invalid user ID on the ticket API.
Improvement DEV-637 Added several filtering options to the user API.
Improvement DEV-642 Added a default SMTP timeout.
Improvement DEV-651 Always merges tickets into the oldest ticket now.
Improvement DEV-654 Made updating department and changing status to closed more consistent throughout the application.
Improvement DEV-667 Resets a scheduled task after 15 minutes if it's become stuck due to unforeseen circumstances.
Improvement DEV-671 Improvements on MySQL fulltext searches.
Improvement DEV-679 Now empties template cache on upgrade.
Bug DEV-587 Solved exception raised when database is not connectable when running cron.
Bug DEV-615 Bad regex which led to erroneous trimming of incoming emails.
Bug DEV-620 Maintenance icon extends outside box when using short language string.
Bug DEV-621 Draft is not cleared in some cases after posting a reply.
Bug DEV-625 Long drafts can span outside the preview box.
Bug DEV-628 Unhandled exception raised by missing template files.
Bug DEV-631 Undefined variable in the Twitter integration.
Bug DEV-633 Type casting error when not using mysqlnd driver.
Bug DEV-638 Unhandled exception when no email body is found.
Bug DEV-639 User interface issue caused by boolean custom fields JS validation.
Bug DEV-641 Filtering doesn't work on the user feedback report.
Bug DEV-645 Unhandled exception when adding a user to a group.
Bug DEV-647 User API removed a user from their organisation when not entering the organisation_id on update.
Bug DEV-655 Couldn't change the user on a ticket in certain browsers.
Bug DEV-656 Ticket actions are cleared when changing value.
Bug DEV-657 Unhandled exception when attempting to reply to a ticket that doesn't exist any more.
Bug DEV-658 Unable to insert self-service link or canned response in Firefox.
Bug DEV-659 CSS floats in a user reply could cause the reply box interface to be broken.
Bug DEV-662 Rare case where emails could be routed to the wrong department.
Bug DEV-663 Tickets not deleted when only actual message is deleted but drafts exist.
Bug DEV-664 PDF attachments download with .htm extension in certain browsers.
Bug DEV-665 Unable to handle emails where messages are marked as inline.
Bug DEV-669 User group filtering on manage users page shows incorrectly.
Bug DEV-673 Event is undefined in rare circumstances on ticket actions.
Bug DEV-674 Failed to import emails with multiple subjects.
Bug DEV-675 Subdepartments don't show correctly on tickets by department report.
Bug DEV-676 Failed to import email attachments with a content-id.
Bug DEV-677 Failed to import emails with incomplete byte sequence.
Bug DEV-682 Instances where SMTP encryption does not work as intended.
Bug DEV-684 Language dropdown shows for operators even if disabled in the settings.
Bug DEV-686 Twitter replies cannot be posted due to JS errors.
Bug DEV-687 Social media messages can sometimes duplicate.
Bug DEV-688 Reports dashboard can run out of memory if there is too much data in the recent period.
Bug DEV-697 Multi-line Facebook replies show on one line only.
Bug DEV-698 Cannot quote a message to the notes editor.
Bug DEV-700 Assigned operators filter is missing list of operators.