2.2.0 Beta

Release Details

Release Date 5th September 2017
Release Type Beta

Important Notes

Please read Upgrading to 2.2 from 2.1 for important changes in this release, including necessary template updates.

Notable Changes

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-147 Support for translating dynamic text to multiple languages.
Feature DEV-520 Time Tracking plugin to track time spent on tickets.
Feature DEV-986 Email command to forward email to help desk on behalf of user.
Feature DEV-1022 Plugins: Ability to define non-authenticated frontend and API routes.
Feature DEV-1403 The language of the page is now part of the URL, and another language can be loaded by changing the URL appriopriately.
Feature DEV-1471 Attachments over a certain size are sent as a download link rather than attached to the email to avoid memory limit exceeded errors.
Feature DEV-1612 Plugins: Ability to register reports that are only visible when the plugin is active.
Feature DEV-1617 Plugins: Ability to upgrade and run specific code during the process.
Feature DEV-1623 Added ability to override SAML attribute names.
Feature DEV-1624 Plugins: Ability to define their own permissions.
Feature DEV-1707 Added option to logout to SimpleAuth.
Improvement DEV-810 New actions and conditions for feedback forms, filters, follow ups, macros & SLA plans.
Improvement DEV-986 The ticket grid sidebar now updates every minute and on any action.
Improvement DEV-1067 Automatically remove expand button and show content when whole message is wrapped with 'supportpal_quote' class.
Improvement DEV-1276 Split formatted name setting between users and operators.
Improvement DEV-1371 Excluded resolved tickets from ticket grid sidebar counts.
Improvement DEV-1401 WHMCS Information Plugin: Added permissions to allow limiting certain actions to certain roles.
Improvement DEV-1452 Change password and forgotten password forms are removed when logged in via LDAP/SAML.
Improvement DEV-1464 Rewritten the Facebook integration.
Improvement DEV-1482 The swiftmailer_cache is now automatically purged on a regular basis.
Improvement DEV-1533 Macros can now be ordered to allow setting which macro should run before others.
Improvement DEV-1546 Now only able to view activity and email log items from brands you're assigned to.
Improvement DEV-1559 Combined the navigation in the frontend header and sidebar template files.
Improvement DEV-1601 Added ability to change "Please reply above this line" HTML.
Improvement DEV-1604 Added link to renew support and updates in the operator panel when needed.
Improvement DEV-1625 Plugins: Simplified adding, removing and checking plugin settings.
Improvement DEV-1633 Now uses the last message creation time as the last action on the ticket grid in the frontend.
Improvement DEV-1648 The email parser now checks for the first valid ticket number in the email subject
Improvement DEV-1651 Added JS validation the LDAP create account form.
Improvement DEV-1656 Added support for MySQL Group Replication.
Improvement DEV-1665 API: Added option to filter tickets by organisation(s).
Improvement DEV-1687 Now use HTTPS for the licensing client.
Bug DEV-1262 Fixed undefined index when editing email templates with outdated translations.
Bug DEV-1378 Fixed "filename cannot be empty" error that showed on embedding an image in certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1409 Errors that occur when running a macro are now handled more gracefully.
Bug DEV-1448 Now handles decryption errors more gracefully throughout the system.
Bug DEV-1542 Removed hardcoded IDs from fresh installation seeds.
Bug DEV-1569 Fixed the user grid footer being one column too small when multiple brands exist.
Bug DEV-1573 Fixed ticket attributes being incorrect when merging, unmerging and splitting tickets.
Bug DEV-1578 Fixed the send diagnostic data option being ignored when disabled during installation.
Bug DEV-1582 Fixed inability to fully toggle the tags area in the ticket grid sidebar.
Bug DEV-1588 Fixed recent users list showing a blank record when the user doesn't have a name set, only an email.
Bug DEV-1589 Removed confirm password validation when logged in via LDAP/SAML.
Bug DEV-1590 Fixed inability to create operators via their LDAP account.
Bug DEV-1603 Fixed new email templates being stored with IDs of less than 100 in certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1608 Fixed error that occurred when processing some email subaddresses.
Bug DEV-1615 Fixed inability to edit some clipped messages.
Bug DEV-1616 Fixed HipChat/Slack notification not being fired for the result of certain SLA escalation rules.
Bug DEV-1626 Fixed problem handling encapsulated emails with empty HTML.
Bug DEV-1627 Fixed CC emails being removed when a note is posted.
Bug DEV-1629 Fixed fatal error thrown when trying to create a follow up for a ticket that no longer exists.
Bug DEV-1632 Fixed instances of the wrong brand link in some user email templates.
Bug DEV-1624 Fixed problems with filtering results on some grids.
Bug DEV-1638 Fixed organisations being deleted automatically when the owner leaves.
Bug DEV-1649 Fixed case where it was possible to transfer ownership to a user not in the organisation.
Bug DEV-1650 Fixed error when linking LDAP account to an already linked operator.
Bug DEV-1653 Fixed assigned email being incorrectly sent from brand default instead of ticket department email.
Bug DEV-1662 Fixed fatal error shown when viewing licensing information under certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1669 No longer able to select an invalid brand and department combination for Facebook/Twitter accounts.
Bug DEV-1670 Fixed email being sent when ticket owner replied last on internal tickets in the inactive ticket scheduled task.
Bug DEV-1671 Fixed delete follow up requiring the update ticket permission instead of delete ticket permission.
Bug DEV-1673 No longer able to add user through the new ticket form when the add user permission is disabled.
Bug DEV-1674 Fixed inability to re-order feedback forms.
Bug DEV-1676 Fixed not being able to mark selected text as bold in Redactor in certain browsers.
Bug DEV-1680 Fixed blank ticket messages when CSS class clashes under certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1690 Fixed installer not being able to create a new database when it doesn't currently exist.
Bug DEV-1693 Fixed wrong name-id format on LogoutRequest for SAML.
Bug DEV-1695 API: Fixed not being able to unlock tickets on update.
Bug DEV-1696 API: Fixed default assigned to operators not being automatically assigned to new tickets.
Bug DEV-1701 Fixed certain URLs that were showing incorrectly in email template preview.
Bug DEV-1702 No longer automatically deletes articles when the operator who worte them is deleted.
Bug DEV-1710 Fixed CC email addresses being lost when merging tickets.
Bug DEV-1711 Fixed error thrown when unmerging tickets under certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1715 Fixed category visibility being incorrect in certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-1716 Fixed RSS feed not handling foreign UTF-8 characters correctly.
Bug DEV-1718 API: Fixed tags being lost when updating a canned response.
Bug DEV-1722 Fixed updating a note only updated a single instance if showing both at top and in messages.
Bug DEV-1723 Fixed error if email contains multiple Content-Id Headers.