View insightful charts and tables based on the data in your database. To view a report, go to Reports and click the report you wish to view in the sidebar.


Reports Dashboard

The reports dashboard contains an overall view on the system, listing the number of tickets, ticket messages and users (confirmed and total) since the help desk was installed. There is also a chart showing the activity over the last seven days for these items.

Viewing a Report

Reports are categorised in the sidebar, click on a report name to view it.

Timeframe Options

Some reports will come with timeframe options, allowing you to view the results over different points in time. There are four possible timeframe options, of which only some may show on a report:

  1. All time - View the report with data considered from when the help desk was installed to the current time.
  2. Specific range - Allows you to define a start and end date. The start date begins at 12:00am on that day, and the end date ends at 11:59pm on that day.
  3. Month and year - Allows you to view the results for a given month.
  4. Year - Allows you to view the results for a given year.

Filtering Data

Ticket and user reports will usually have the option to filter the results further. The filtering works on a flexible conditions system that lets you define a set of conditions together, giving a lot of filtering power.

To begin filtering, click on "Filtering" and then "Add Condition", this will add a row above the button. In the row added, the first dropdown is the item to filter, the second is the condition operator (the type of search) and the third is the value that is being checked. This lets you define conditions such as, "Ticket Status" "Is" "Closed", and it will then only pick up data on tickets that are closed. Multiple conditions can be added by further clicking "Add Condition", and each condition must be true for that data item to be included in the report results.

Changing Report View

Most reports will have the option to change the chart type or view the table. The chart can be changed by selecting another option in the "Type" dropdown. The table can be viewed by clicking the "Table" tab.