Blesta Integration

Replace Blesta support components (tickets and knowledgebase) with those of SupportPal.


Download & Requirements

The Blesta integration is compatible with Blesta v4.

Please find the latest version of the integration at the downloads page, account login required.

Installation Guide

  1. Take a backup of your Blesta installation (we recommend both files and database).
  2. Copy the included support_center folder to your Blesta plugins folder.
  3. Visit Settings -> Plugins in your Blesta admin area. Click the Available tab, find the SupportPal plugin and click Activate.
  4. Once the page has reloaded, click the Manage button for the SupportPal plugin, and fill in the values for the configuration options. Each option should have a description that will explain the option further. Only the 'Help Desk URL', 'API Token' and 'Brand ID' are required options, and you can use the 'Validate Authentication' button to confirm the details are correct.
  5. Once you have saved the configuration, the page should reload with the status showing as Active - this is when you know that the integration is working.
  6. If you are using any custom fields for users within Blesta, please set up the same fields within SupportPal using the same name. These will be used for mirroring user information between Blesta and SupportPal.
  7. Finally disable the Blesta Support Manager plugin to avoid duplicate links in the client area.