Configuring an Outbound Proxy

This page describes how to configure SupportPal such that it can communicate externally through an outbound proxy. This configuration is required to access servers outside the network such as our license server.



The below guide assumes a libcurl version of at least 7.50.2. If libcurl is below this version then you may not be able to make use of all of the schemes and features described below.

To check what version of libcurl is available to PHP open Utilities -> System -> PHP Information within the operator panel and search for "curl". The "cURL Information" row in the table will display the libcurl version in use. Please also check what version of libcurl the cron is using.


Create a new file /config/production/proxy.php:



return [

    | Proxy URI
    | Set the proxy to use for outbound requests.
    | The proxy string may be prefixed with [scheme]:// to specify which kind
    | of proxy is used. The following schemes are supported: http, https, socks4,
    | socks4a, socks5, socks5h.
    | A username and password can also optionally be included.
    | Example:
    | 'socks5://bob:marley@localhost:12345'

    'uri' => 'socks5://bob:marley@localhost:12345',


The uri parameter is used to define the proxy used for all external network connections made by the software.

To specify port number in this string, append :[port] to the end of the host name.

The proxy string may be prefixed with [scheme]:// to specify which kind of proxy is used.

A proxy host string can also include protocol scheme (http://) and embedded user + password.

To disable the proxy set the uri parameter to null.

Unsupported Operations

The following areas of the software are currently not proxy aware: