Send Mass Email

You can use the mass email feature to send out emails to one or more groups as opposed to sending emails to individual users one by one.


Merge Fields

Merge fields are great ways for you to personalise outbound e-mails. each field represents a variable which is replaced prior to the email being sent. The best example of a merge field is to address the customer by name, for example:

    Dear {{ user.formatted_name }},

When sent to Joe Bloggs <> would be replaced by:

    Dear Joe Bloggs,

Sending a Group Email

You can send a mass email by going to: Users -> Send Mass Email - A description of each field in the mass email form can be found below:

  1. To:
    Select groups of users who you would like to receive the e-mail, this including both operator groups and user groups. It is also possible to e-mail all users or individual users, you can do this by typing the address into the input field and clicking the "Add ..." text that appears (note, you will have to type out the full e-mail address before the text appears).
  2. From:
    This is what your clients will see in the "from" section in their email client. For example if you set this to, your users will see the email being sent from and may reply to this email address.
  3. Template:
    If you would like to use an existing custom e-mail template, you can select it from the dropdown menu. Note that it is not possible to select a predefined system e-mail template (those that are provided with the application).
    You will be able to edit the e-mail template via the text box below.
  4. Subject:
    This is the subject your users will see in their email clients. Select something which resembles what the email is about.
  5. Message:
    The email message is the actual message your clients will see when opening the email. You can use a template as shown above or you can write your own. Any merge fields, for example {{ user.formatted_name }}, will automatically be replaced before the e-mail has been sent. Attachments may also be added to the email.
  6. Emails Per Batch:
    To prevent your servers overloading we split emails being sent out at once and put them into batches. Batches are sent every so often, depending on the "Batch interval" set below.
  7. Batch Interval (in minutes):
    Batch e-mails are configured on a per minute basis. For example, you may wish to send 50 emails ("Emails Per Batch") every 2 minutes ("Batch Interval").

    If you are on a shared web hosting environment it is suggested you speak with your provider to check how many emails you can send out within a certain time frame.