Facebook Login

Allow users to log in and sign up with their Facebook account, an option available under our Social Login integrations.



To use Facebook Login, you must:

Activate or Deactivate Provider

The Facebook provider is disabled by default and needs to be activated before use. To do this, go to Settings -> Users -> Social Login and click the "Activate" link on the Facebook provider box. A provider can be defined for each brand, the "Enabled" option should be toggled to on for it to be available to users on the frontend.

The provider can be deactivated by toggling the "Enabled" option to off for all brands.

Setting Up Provider

To set up Facebook login, you will need to set up a Facebook application, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Visit the applications page on the Facebook developers website - https://developers.facebook.com/apps - and click the "Add a New App" button. If you already have an application set up for the Facebook Channel, you can utilise it for this and skip ahead to step 4.
  3. Type in a name for the application, the name is not important, and click the "Create New Facebook App ID" button.
    Create new Facebook App
  4. The screen will load with your new app. Click the "Set Up" button on the Facebook Login product.
    Facebook Login Product
  5. Select the "Web" option from the list of platforms shown.
    Facebook Login Platform (Web)
  6. Enter your help desk URL for the site URL, and click "Save". The other sections in the quickstart and not necessary and can be skipped.
    Facebook Login Website URL
  7. Click "Settings" in the sidebar under the "Facebook Login".
    Click Settings
  8. Under the "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" section, it must be set to the value shown in the SupportPal interface. In our example, this is "https://demo.supportpal.com/oauth/facebook/callback".
    Facebook Login Callback URL
  9. Click "Settings" in the sidebar and then "Basic". Enter your help desk URL (e.g. "demo.supportpal.com") for the App Domains and set your website's privacy policy URL (needed to publish the application), click "Save Changes" at the bottom.
    Facebook App Domain
  10. Click "App Review" and toggle the option to make the application public, follow the steps shown.
    Facebook App Review
  11. We now need the App Secret to complete the set up. Click "Settings" in the sidebar and then "Basic". Click "Show" in the App Secret box, copy this over to the SupportPal configuration screen along with the App ID, and click "Submit" to save. Facebook App Secret
    SupportPal Configuration
  12. It should now be successfully configured, we recommend to try the login as a test user to verify it works.


Can't Load URL

Can't Load URL

Please ensure you've entered the correct URL in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs and App Domains as mentioned in steps 8 and 9. If your help desk has many brands or operates over a variety of domains/subdomains, all of these will need to be entered in the relevant sections.

Insecure Login Blocked

Insecure Login Blocked

New Facebook applications created after March 2018 must redirect to a secure page, and this will become the case for all applications from March 2019. Please ensure you have enabled SSL in your help desk and set the HTTPS version of your URL in the Facebook settings.

App Not Set Up

App Not Set Up

Please ensure the application is published and showing as live. If it is still in development mode, other Facebook users will not be able to log in with it.