Release Details

Release Date 30th May 2019
Release Type Stable - Minor

Resource Changes


Type Issue Description
Improvement DEV-1961 Added options on what to import for Facebook and Twitter.
Improvement DEV-2082 Added ability to set imap_open parameters via email config file.
Improvement DEV-2084 Added 'capitalize' filter and 'firstMessage' relation to mail security policy.
Improvement DEV-2087 Now automatically selects first department on operator open new ticket form when only one brand.
Improvement HW-1 Ability to set default input field values/placeholders in help widget.
Bug DEV-1267 Stopped mass email sending emails to inactive operators and users.
Bug DEV-1296 No longer show the reply form on a ticket where the ticket channel account no longer exists.
Bug DEV-1863 No longer able to preview/download attachments when not assigned to the ticket brand/department.
Bug DEV-1896 No longer able to set a signature for a department and brand combination that doesn't exist.
Bug DEV-2013 Fixed issue with cache when a new avatar is uploaded for a user or operator.
Bug DEV-2080 Fixed class name conflict with pecl-event library.
Bug DEV-2081 Fixed organisation profile notes not using redactor.
Bug DEV-2083 Fixed fatal error on PHP 7.0 when trying to use the API.
Bug DEV-2085 Fixed HTML emails with a NULL brand_id sent as text/plain.
Bug DEV-2086 Stopped canned responses with bad merge fields completely stopping tickets from being viewed.
Bug DEV-2088 Fixed Facebook ticket trashed check happening too early.
Bug DEV-2089 Fixed being unable to update users which have the same email as operators.
Bug DEV-2090 Fixed wrong maximum length validation on department email username.
Bug DEV-2091 Fixed canned responses rendering with default brand only.
Bug DEV-2092 Fixed feedback datatables not loading when there's a trashed ticket.
Bug DEV-2094 Fixed scroll to message being broken in some cases.
Bug DEV-2097 Fixed timezone offset leading to invalid results on 'busiest' reports.
Bug HW-4 Fixed help widget not being full screen in some mobile browsers.