2.0.0 Beta 3

Release Details

Release Date 30th March 2016
Release Type Beta

Important Notes


Type Issue Description
Feature DEV-412 Added SimpleAuth for operators.
Feature DEV-431 Added option to enable debug mode in the general settings.
Feature DEV-434 Added email queue page.
Feature DEV-456 WHMCS information - added option to sync user details between the help desk and WHMCS.
Improvement DEV-384 Updates department email used when changing department on ticket.
Improvement DEV-392 Added organisation link to user details in ticket sidebar.
Improvement DEV-395 Logs and bans IPs on failed authentications on the API.
Improvement DEV-400 Added option to pause due time (from SLA plan) when replying to a ticket.
Improvement DEV-402 Reloads signature after replying to a ticket.
Improvement DEV-417 Better handling of IMAP errors when the IMAP extension is not installed.
Improvement DEV-424 Remove signature when adding ticket note.
Improvement DEV-426 White user groups now display with black text.
Improvement DEV-428 Only display the last 5 ticket messages in emails.
Improvement DEV-444 Option to convert a user ticket to internal and vice versa.
Improvement DEV-451 Added a notice when a follow up is active on a ticket.
Bug DEV-317 Throttling doesn't work on email piping.
Bug DEV-383 When emailing a reply with the send to operators option enabled, it emails you back your reply.
Bug DEV-386 Incorrect model events called on some actions.
Bug DEV-387 Some model events do not contain what has changed.
Bug DEV-388 Cache doesn't work in console mode.
Bug DEV-393 Emails sometimes are imported blank when it has a different encoding.
Bug DEV-396 Times in emails are formatted in the timezone of the user who caused the email to be sent.
Bug DEV-397 Unable to change the template shown on the frontend.
Bug DEV-398 Special characters break the SMTP authentication from validating.
Bug DEV-399 Primary key on database table must not be null in MySQL 5.7+.
Bug DEV-404 Not authorised to download frontend attachments in certain circumstances.
Bug DEV-405 URLs in email templates are having special characters encoded.
Bug DEV-406 Category levels displaying wrong in some places.
Bug DEV-407 Issue with filtering results in FireFox.
Bug DEV-408 Some emails are missing user merge fields.
Bug DEV-409 Tickets opened by API are not notifying operators by email by default.
Bug DEV-411 Unable to transfer ownership of organisation if the member previously owned another organisation.
Bug DEV-414 Invalid ticket CC value breaks ticket view.
Bug DEV-415 Last ticket replier filtering option doesn't filter correctly.
Bug DEV-416 Filter results button should not be visible when already viewing a ticket filter.
Bug DEV-418 Checking permissions needlessly on routes which no longer exist when module is disabled.
Bug DEV-419 Ticket grid URL parameters are overwriting filtering options that have been manually set.
Bug DEV-420 Filtering conditions on user tickets grid not displaying correctly.
Bug DEV-421 View feedback button not clickable.
Bug DEV-425 Pre-installation check page fails when system requirements do not pass.
Bug DEV-427 Possible to create operator groups without any operator roles.
Bug DEV-429 Colour picker missing on operator groups form.
Bug DEV-430 Search breaks when searching for a partial email address.
Bug DEV-433 Fulltext index isn't added correctly when the MySQL version on the server has been updated.
Bug DEV-435 JS error thrown and doesn't display properly when the upgrade fails.
Bug DEV-436 JS error when trying to delete an attachment when submitting a ticket on the frontend.
Bug DEV-437 Validation error when trying to register an account that exists but isn't confirmed.
Bug DEV-438 Registering again with a different organisation removes the first organisation and any users in it.
Bug DEV-440 Redactor problems when parsing URLs containing twig code.
Bug DEV-441 PHP error in some situations when initialising the settings.
Bug DEV-442 Clicking the checkbox in ticket grid directly doesn't activate the action buttons.
Bug DEV-443 Private ticket filters visible to other operators.
Bug DEV-445 Unable to mark a to-do item as done in some situations.
Bug DEV-453 Waiting for reply email being sent not added to ticket log.
Bug DEV-454 Wrong tabs are showing on the organisation tickets page.
Bug DEV-455 Organisation tickets in ticket view should only show tickets from other members in organisation.
Bug DEV-457 Wrong default ordering on user and organisation ticket grids.