Email Log

The email log contains the contents of all inbound and outbound emails sent by help desk. It shows the time of the email, who it was sent to and a log of the message.

Email Queue

The email queue contains the contents of all outbound emails to be sent by help desk, including those that fail to send. It shows the time the email was queued, who it is being sent to and the email contents.

Log File Manager

The log file manager allows an operator to easily download and delete log files generated by the system.

Operator Login Log

The login log is a detailed listing of when operators login to the operator panel.

System Activity Log

The activity log is a detailed audit log of the actions performed by all the operators within the operator panel.

System Cleanup

System cleanup provides tools that can be used to prune the audit logs and caches. Pruning audit logs can be particularly useful if you need to reduce the size of your database tables.