Email Configuration

The email.php file contains most application specific configuration items. This document provides an list of configuration items available in the file, allowing you to modify them as necessary.


For details on how to set the below configuration items, please create a /config/production/email.php file and read: Updating Config Files.

Address Headers

Allows you to extend the default list of address headers that are parsed when looking for email recipients of incoming emails. This is particularly useful if you come across an email provider that uses a custom X address header.

Name Description Valid values
address_headers Specify which headers contain addresses that should be parsed and extracted. Array keys must be set in lowercase to the names of the headers ending with a colon, the value should be set to 1.
destination_headers Specify which destination headers should be searched for a matching department email address. Order matters! Any headers specified must also be specified in the "address_headers".

Email Processing

Name Description Valid values Default
email_toggle_quotes Whether to hide quoted parts of inbound emails, they will be wrapped in [ ... ] and show/hide when clicked in the operator ticket view.
email_macro_start_char Character sequence used to identify the start of an Email Command.
email_macro_end_char Character sequence used to identify the end of an Email Command.