License Information

SupportPal requires a valid license to function correctly. Currently licenses can only be purchased directly from our website. All licenses are prefixed with "SP-".


During the installation process, you will be requested to enter your license key. Please ensure that this is a valid key or else you will not be able to use SupportPal.

Once you have set up with a valid license key, visiting Utilities -> License Information in your SupportPal operator panel will provide you with all the relevant information attached to your license. Most of this information can also be found with your license at our client area.

Changing the License Key in your Installation

Visit Utilities -> License Information in your SupportPal operator panel and click "Change license" next to the current license key. Enter your new key and then click save.

If you are unable to access the operator area due to a license error, there should be an option to change the license key on the error page.

License Errors

Error Message Causes Resolution
License Invalid
  • Invalid license code
  • Unable to reach the license server
  • License locked to a different IP address
  • Ensure the license key has been copied correctly.
  • Ensure your server has outbound port 80/443 access to
  • Log in to our client area, find your license under My Services and clicking Re-Issue License under Management Actions.

Please contact us if you're unable to resolve the issue.